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Event Time and Date

Saturday, April 22 2017, 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

In an effort to raise funds for Clarion PAWS in the local community, we plan to host a color run (3.03 miles, not timed) for students and community members on the Clarion University campus and Reinhard Villages.  Recognized student organizations will help fund and throw the color during the event, and sponsors will be courted to cover the majority of costs for the event.

These costs include traffic control across Greenville Avenue, t-shirts for all participants, catering and the color/run materials themselves.  The event has already been proposed to the Clarion Borough and is awaiting approval.  We want to bring the university community together with the greater borough and admirable people who run the PAWS non-profit organization.  The event will occur over CampusFest weekend.

Reinhard Villages

Laurel Glen Ct., Clarion, PA
Event Categories:

Athletic, Fundraiser